Are you looking to transform yourself? Do you experience feelings of turmoil? Reinventing your life and finding yourself is possible. In fact, it is already happening no matter your age or personal struggles. Right now you are in the midst of a transformation: becoming the person you were born to be.

Sound surprising? The Map to Wholeness will guide you through 13 phases of becoming yourself by sharing the intimate, real-life stories of three ordinary people as they transform after having had a life-altering experience. Founded upon doctoral research, you will learn why it is normal to feel disoriented, confused, isolative, or gloomy during specific phases of becoming whole.

This life-changing book by Dr. Suzy Ross helps you to see the direction of your life from a bird’s-eye view—identifying the phases you have already completed and those that lie ahead. This perspective allows you to relax, with an understanding of exactly how each moment brings you closer to finding yourself even if the situation appears pointless or unpleasant.

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Which Phase are You In?