For the past 20 years as a therapist, consultant, professor, and facilitator of learning, personal growth, and healing, I have been helping others to traverse the challenging and dynamic path of transformation.

It was a path that seemingly chose me when over two decades ago I had a mystical experience while backpacking in the mountains of Colorado. I was casually hiking a plateau at about 12,000 feet when I unexpectedly left my body, went into the Light, and experienced union with all that can be seen and unseen for over 30 minutes.

This unexpected and humbling event was life-changing. It set me on a journey to find myself, discover truth, and to strive to live it. I read profusely and explored my psyche through retreats, seminars, and trainings at home and abroad. About 10 years after my quest began; I sensed that I must do something that would change me deeply. The answer, I felt, was to study transformation at a more rigorous level. I did so, earning my Ph.D.

The Map to Wholeness is the culmination of all of this work, professionally and personally, including more than 10 years of intensive research and hundreds of hours of interviews with real people I met and profiled along the way.

While there is always more to learn, living the process with the Map in hand certainly provides clarity about how human beings—you, I, and everyone else—are already on the amazing journey of transformation that is our lives.

I hope you will enjoy this website. It is my intention that the contents here help you to better understand the meaning of both the intentional and unexpected, ordinary and extraordinary incidents of your life and see how they follow a predictable path toward your becoming whole.