I am ready to show you how to use the Map to Wholeness to improve outcomes and the bottom line.

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Four different angles I can take based on your groups’ purpose, needs, and goals.

  • General Overview: Learn the Map to Wholeness and how you can use it to make your personal and professional life easier, more enjoyable, and graceful. Learn the 4 places where some people sabotage transformation, 4 main determinants of success, and 4 actions to get the most out of your path to wholeness. Discover how to use the Map as a tool for personal growth, healing, and communication.


  • Clinical Applications: Use The Map to assess your clients’ location in the process of transformation. Gain clinical perspectives on the 4 places where clients can sabotage or sever the process, 4 main determinants of success, and 4 actions to get the most out of your transformation. Learn how to recognize threshold indicators when the client moves from one phase to the next and how to use the Map as a tool for self-exploration, meaning-making, and empowerment.


  • Organization Analysis: Equip yourself with The Map for strategic positioning and resource allocation to maximize your organizations’ success. Determine the phase of transformation your organization is exhibiting now so you can facilitate rather than impede your company’s bottom line and employee satisfaction. If for example, your agency is in the Disorientation phase it is best to funnel resources to staff development and strategic visioning rather than growth and acquisition.


  • The Great Work: Experience the Map to Wholeness as a lens to think big. Discover how this archetypal pattern can be used not only for philosophy but to examine how large systems such as cosmology, biology, nations, or institutions are moving towards wholeness. Together we can discuss the system’s location on the Map and reveal ‘what is at stake’ in the present and learn the kinds of change we can expect in the future.