Imagine if, amid the latest struggle, confusion, crisis, or triumph of life, you could:

  • Break free with insight: “Oh, that’s why that happened!”
  • Realize newfound clarity: “Now I can explain myself!”
  • And feel a liberating normalization: “There is nothing wrong with me. I am transforming!”

Because life’s unpredictability can disorient the soul—you can use The Map to Wholeness to understand your own unique, meandering path as a story of crisis, change, and reinvention. The Map to Wholeness is Dr. Suzy Ross’s unique, research-based interpretation of life’s intimate landscapes. Through six years of exacting study, she identified a remarkable natural pattern that shows how seemingly unrelated major life experiences are connected. You will discover how the darkest and best of times and the grey between, all weave together as 13 predictable phases of transformation that can lead you to an entirely new way of being and doing.

Knowing the Map helps to understand the meaning and purpose of life events, thoughts, and feelings in which you can get started by trying the interactive quiz. This life transformation book will give you insights and information that will can carry you to newfound awareness and inner peace. Join the notification list so you can purchase a copy of this life changing book as soon as it is available.

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