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blog_computerHere I am finally blogging, after having written a 200-page master’s thesis, a 400+ page doctoral dissertation, several scholarly articles, and a 400-page popular book! This is funny if you consider the fact that the best grade I ever earned in K-12 English was definitely not higher than a “C.” My ninth grade teacher would probably freak out, and Mother wouldn’t believe it. Actually, I don’t either–how did this happen?
Writing a book was certainly not something I aspired to do; incidentally, neither was conducting research, becoming a college professor, building my own house, or living on the edge of the ocean.
I can blame my parents.
Through their actions, I learned that following my bliss was possible. Doing so led me down a path paved with activities fueled by my love of learning, healing, and helping others. The writing and everything else has been a welcome surprise while doing what makes me happy.
Over the coming months I will be working with editors, publicists, and other folks in order to make the book available by November 2013. In the meantime, I am excited to share information from The Map to Wholeness so you can receive help finding your way through crisis, change, and reinvention. Please enjoy my website, blog posts, Facebook and Twitter feeds, and newsletter, and please help connect me to communities of people who want to learn about transformation and wholeness.