Finding Myself On the Map to Wholeness?

37 Question Quiz


This questionnaire is designed to help you to understand which phase of transformation you are experiencing now.


Identify the response that best communicates your personal experience. It can be helpful to complete the quiz with someone who knows you very well.



  1. My life has become very routine and lacks a zest of life. I strongly wish to have a major change in my work or home life or both.

  2. I have been unchallenged for a while and now i feel ready to have a major change, a transformation.

  3. I feel strongly about wanting to have a different life than the one I am leading.


  1. I recently took action to change my life or to do something that is likely to change my life.

  2. After a period of soul-searching I finally took action to do something I have always wanted to do or never dreamed I would do (example – marriage, start a business, reunite with family/old friend, move your place of living, end/begin a relationship, have /adopt children, buy a house, travel).


  1. I had a major life changing event (peak, mystical/spiritual, or traumatic) during the past 2-3 weeks (Example: recent diagnosis, accident, death, violation, sports triumph, graduation, birth, mystical experience)?

  2. I am currently having a life-changing experience.


  1. In the past few weeks I had a major life changing experience (positive or negative) and it is likely to profoundly change me.

  2. I recently endured a life-changing event/experience and because of it, I am going away to make sense of it, recovering in the hospital, spending concentrated time alone, or being at home to recuperate.


  1. I had a significant life changing experience and I just returned to a more typical daily routine within the past 1-3 weeks.


  1. I had a life changing experience (positive or negative) and I find it difficult to deal with my responsibilities and mundane life.

  2. I have a deep feeling of emptiness and loss; something, someone, or a lifestyle is gone/has ended and cannot be experienced again.

  3. I recently had a major life experience (positive or negative) and I find myself replaying the experience(s) over and over again in my mind/feelings.

  4. I recently had a life changing experience and I feel alone except when I am with those who have had a similar life changing experience.

  5. I recently had a life experience and I have an overwhelming sense of shock and denial—I it is hard to grasp that it really happened.


  1. I have a sense uncertainty about the purpose of life in general, what I want, or how to proceed.

  2. I have a sense of confusion about who I am or my purpose as a result of a life-changing experience.

  3. I feel frustrated because there are real barriers between me and a better life such as: my income/resources, people in positions of power who would stop me, my gender/race, my education/training, institutional rules, politics, or societal rules.

  4. I find myself wanting to move forward towards a better life but don’t have the support or resources to do so.


  1. I am having big challenges that make me feel emotionally out of control even though from the perspective of others, I usually appear to be just fine.

  2. I have a deep desire to spend time at home or alone.

  3. I describe my life right now as one of the hardest or darkest times of my life.

  4. I am having experiences that force me to see aspects of myself that I don’t easily accept.


  1. I feel like the darkest time has recently passed and that extreme turmoil has settled down enough for me to have breathing room or a bit more sense of ease.

  2. I am finally enjoying a new opportunity or person that is restoring my hope and/or happiness.

  3. I am having experiences, encounters, and/or people who surprisingly, help me to resolve old problems, hurt, or anger.

  4. I am finally in a calmer, healthier life situation.


  1. My life is changing for the better: I am having better luck, opportunities, resources, and support than I have ever experienced before.

  2. I am working hard to meet the demands of a vision for my life that is coming true.

  3. The good fortune I am finally having financially and relationally now is beyond what I dreamed possible—I am a bit in awe.


  1. My work is successful, known by others, and running smoothly. I have become a master of my own endeavors, talents, and gifts.

  2. My life has calmed down considerably and although the pace is still demanding it is manageable because I have the right people in place to help me.

  3. I have a sense of feeling in control of my life in a way that is healthier and more life-giving than I have ever known.

  4. I am confident in who I am, what I am doing, and what I can do.


  1. I have sense of total completion and deep satisfaction that gives me the feeling that everything is “just right.”

  2. I have quite a bit of unobligated free time and I sense that what is best is simply to enjoy this time.

  3. I enjoy a lifestyle of relative ease and enjoyment after years of working hard to achieve a major life goal.