All life begins with an inception. Because transformation is essentially about birthing a new life, the new you, the process begins with a seed. Like the tiny acorn that becomes the might oak, the seed of a transformative journey is a comparatively tiny moment that holds within it a spark of a new world.

It is for example the instant when a revolutionary thought spoken into a room. But it is not just the words, it is the fact with just the right people, at just the right time, when there is a sparkle in someone’s eyes prior to making love, with just the right conditions, or during desperation, it is the insight that comes to you in the darkness of a midnight hour that tells you what it is that you need to do.The seed event is the wrinkle in time that offers possibility, hope, and even, electricity. Like all seeds, in order to grow, it requires a perfect combination of energy and relationships: sunlight and water (life force), nutrients (resources), inner potential, and safety and support.

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