At some point during the integration process, you will inevitably encounter a series of moments where you give birth to the new self, that which was conceived during your life-changing event. There are actually three birthing moments. The first is during an unexpected opportunity that asks you to to try on the “new self.”

It is very subtle and in retrospect may feel like you gingerly stepped into new shoes as the “new you.” You will feel words coming out of your mouth that you have never before said or walking into a situation that you would never have been involved with prior to your transformative experience.


The experience might make you say, “Did I really just say that?” or “Did I really just do that?” It might be a moment where your boss invites you to come to a meeting that you typically do not attend and you go, or a situation that provokes you to speak out when previously you would have remained quiet, you demand a new procedure at work, or in moments of challenge in a relationship where you might previously have “gone with the flow” and instead, you now choose to act from your truth. This transitional experience may go unnoticed to others and possibly even to you, yet it is monumental. It is the first moment that the new you makes its first appearance into your life.

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