Now that the fragile new you has been birthed, a rush of creativity, abundance, and positive events flood your life. While your healing process is not over, you now have reasons to smile. You will encounter opportunities both anticipated and unexpected in several, if not many, arenas of your life.

You may be offered a new place to live, a promotion, a relationship opportunity, funding for a project, money, or new recognition. Creativity begins to easily and even eagerly surge through you: projects flourish and creative opportunities arise. You may feel an overflowing creative joy.

As the phase unfolds, people in this phase say that they can barely keep up with the quantity of good tidings, the demands of opportunities that are “too good to be true,” and the feelings of being overwhelmed that come with receiving the fortune. There is a way in which you feel that your prayers of greatest hopes are being granted, and at times, this can feel deeply touching and even surreal. During this phase, others who do not support or recognize your personal growth may not be happy about your abundance and creation. Their lack of support can trigger your inner critic and old patterns of self-sabotage. These nay-sayers may even make last ditch efforts to stalemate your progress. The good news, is that at this point, you need only continue forward, believe in your growing self-love, and know that you will be fine. They no longer have power over you.

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