As your creativity and positive life changes unfold, you will experience a growing sense of inner power. This power begins as a subtle force and grows as you gain inner strength and recognize the value and potential of your inherent capabilities. You begin to have feelings of grounded pride and deepened self-love.

Whatever you have created or initiated during the abundance phase is grows into fruition. The newly birthed self is nearly established in your life and with this identity becomes a way of being that you imagined during the seed event phase and glimpsed during your transformative event. As life slows down to a manageable pace you have time to relax. Your established inner power and balanced ability to handle power is evident in the nature of your creative project. You are respected in all key relationships in your life. The inner and outer critics from the abundance phase still exist, but they no longer effect your behaviors, and they certainly don’t get the best of you anymore.

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