In this final phase of the integration cycle, you arrive at a place of inner satisfaction, appreciation, and enjoyment. Your life is quite literally, quieter. You adapt to ebbs and flows of daily life naturally and with a sense of calm, flow, and ease. You feel a sense of satisfaction, vitality, confidence, that comes from a humble appraisal of your personal growth and abundance.

You have an inner feeling of openness, empathy, and self-awareness that has resulted from the journey into your own darkness. This is not to say that your life is perfect or free from hassles, challenges, personal imperfections, and mishaps but you can confidently observe and sincerely report increased harmony in your daily life. You might sit in a peaceful reflective moment and sense your core as containing wisdom, generosity, clarity and a sense of things feeling “right.” This phase is difficult to discern regarding timing but occurs over the span of weeks to months.

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