Sometime during your purification you encounter a liberating moment or series of moments where you surrender. The phase begins with a situation where the old ways in which you have helped yourself to remain safe and secure no longer work. You are forced to depend upon others in a way you have not previously.

You surrender your need for others in a way that is unique to you—you have no choice but to rely upon your family to take care of mom and dad because you are pre-occupied with your crisis or you must trust your colleagues to lead you out of the financial conundrum because they are the best suited experts.


Here you let go of whatever you have been holding onto that is old—whether it be a relationship, friendship pattern, beliefs, or job—one thing is clear—it is outdated. This surrender or series of surrenders opens the door to a period of healing that eventually completes the cleansing that began during the dismemberment phase. Even though you are still muddling in the darkness of your interior, this phase has a lighter quality—it is not so intensive.  You have more support and more inner stability. It is important to engage in activities that are healing and nurturing.

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